Exploration and Production 

The strategic goal of Nordwegs Shipping/ Tank farm" in the field of transportation, production, storage and oil terminal management - maintaining production and maximum disclosure of existing fields building, rational implementation of new projects for the sustainable profile of production and the maximum rate of extraction of hydrocarbons, as well as economically sound development of unconventional and complex reservoirs. The company plans an effective transfer of resources into reserves and the subsequent commissioning of the development in order to maintain production and export in the traditional production regions.

Advances in technology and the service sector:

 "Nordwegs " - the leader of innovative changes in the Russian oil and gas industry. The Company's objective - the formation of a new type of technological services business provide strategic opportunity to investors.

Nordwegs will undertake this task with the assistance of advanced technologies, and in cooperation with strategic partners, the leaders of the world oil and gas industry to ensure the most efficient exploration, production, transportation, storage, shipping and logistics of petroleum and the minimum impact on the environment.

Nordwegs plans to become the world's largest operator of the development of offshore fields, prospective resources amount to 45.8 billion tons of oil equivalent.

The development of the oil and gas business

Nordwegs - the largest exporter of oil and gas. The company is developing significant oil and gas reserves in Western and Eastern Siberia and has a unique portfolio of licenses for the development of hydrocarbon resources of Russia's continental shelf.

The level of gas production should reach 50 billion cubic meters by 2020, based on the planned development of the existing portfolio of oil and gas projects.

Refining and Petrochemicals

Commerce and Logistics:

Nordwegs in the field of commerce and logistics are to maximize the efficiency of oil and oil products, guaranteed supply consumers with quality fuel, optimization of logistics costs and ensure supply stability, continuous improvement proposals for customers through its own retail network and wholesale sales channels and the development of best practices for trading activities in Russia and abroad.

International Business Development:

Nordwegs has a diversified portfolio of assets in promising regions of the international oil and gas business. The purpose of building a sustainable and profitable international presence of the Company - the creation of additional value for shareholders and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills for more effective development projects in Russia.

Science and Innovation:

Nordwegs - a leader of quality process of modernization and innovative developments in the Russian oil and gas industry. The efforts of the Company focused on the development of intellectual and technological potential of the industry based on strong foundation of the Russian Oil and Gas School - one of the best in the world - and in partnership with leading international oil business companies.


Industrial safety, labor protection and environment:

Nordwegs is aware of and recognizes the full social, economic and environmental liability arising in the implementation of all projects of the Company. In the field of occupational health, safety and environmental protection Nordwegs is guided by the requirements of the Russian legislation and international law. The company uses the latest technology and modern production methods to create a safe and healthy working environment for their employees, to minimize the risk of emergencies and accidents.

Staff and Social Responsibility:

Nordwegs - the largest taxpayer of the Russian Federation. Guide the work of the Company have been and remain the highest standards not only in production, transportation, storage, logistics but also in social terms.

The company aims to become the best employer of the Russian Federation, offering employees the best conditions for professional development, as well as high standards of social security and health care.

Corporate governance:

Nordwegs Corporate Governance System "is aimed at protecting the rights of shareholders, the successful and sustainable development of the Company, the Company's management to ensure the adoption of effective and responsible decisions. The Company strives to continually improve the efficiency of oil and gas business processes and organizational effectiveness.


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